The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor review examines a weight loss program that has been specifically designed for the female body. In brief, it is a twelve-week weight loss program will help women to re-balance their hormone levels and decrease their appetite and pants size. Providing nutrition and dietary advice to its customers, it also includes an exercise program that you can complete at home.

John Barban has been working in the supplement industry for the last ten years and, after carrying out some extensive research, stumbled across shocking information about leptin levels in the female body. He used this information as the basis to create a comprehensive weight loss system that would go on to revolutionize the ways in which women lost weight. John took the time and energy needed to deeply research the relationship between food, exercise, hormones, and weight loss to create the perfect program for every women who struggle with their weight.

How does it Work?

John realized during his research into female biology that the level of Leptin in a womans system controls her ability to lose weight and stay fit. As women age and have children, they become more resistant to Leptin, which leads to a loss in the fat burning properties in their bodies. Women must approach their work out completely differently than men do to ensure that they stay in shape due to this hormone, and other factors such as:

  • Higher hormone levels: Women have higher levels of the fat burning hormone Leptin in their bodies, in fact they have twice as much as men, however;
  • Stronger Resistance: Their bodies are designed to resist the effects more strongly than men, especially as they get older and have children;
  • Fasting does not Work: When men fast they are able to drop weight quickly and efficiently, yet when women fast their levels of Leptin drop quickly making it harder for them to shed the pounds.

These discoveries led to the creation of the Venus Factor diet plan, which utilizes the Metabolic Override (MOR) to boost the levels of Leptin in women through dietary changes and a comprehensive twelve-week exercise plan.
Diet, Nutrition and Exercise
What comes with the Program?

The Venus Factor system provides its users with an individually tailored all-inclusive guide to weight loss and health by offering a multitude of support. This includes:

  • The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide: This guide will teach users about foods that will raise Leptin resistance levels such as soy and sugary snacks and the ways in which you can avoid them. It will provide alternative options that will increase your Leptin levels and contribute to your health by increasing your tone and decreasing your fat content.
  • The 12-Week Workout Program This full twelve-week workout regime can be completed at home or at the gym. With easy to follow steps these videos are aimed at increasing your cardio endurance and perfecting your form. These videos can also be downloaded any time so that you are able to re-use them at the end of the program without needing to hire personal trainers.
  • The Virtual Nutritionist Software App This app is downloadable on both your mobile device and your computer, ensuring that you are never without it. The nutritionist software app helps you to track your intake and control your calories without the costs of a nutritionist. It will let you know if you are sticking to your portion size, or if you are eating beyond your needs without realizing it.
  • The Venus Index Podcast: It can be difficult to stay motivated when you are undergoing so many changes in your life, so the Venus Program includes a podcast so you can tune in on others struggles as they make the same changes as you. Keeping a positive mindset will help take you further than you ever imagined.
  • The Venus Community: For those who need more support than a podcast, you will have access to an amazing community of women who will fill you with inspiration and hope. It is a place to share recipes, stories, and breakthroughs without feeling judged

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  • It has been well researched by someone who has worked in the health and fitness field for over a decade. Having an intrinsic understanding of the challenges that are unique to a woman’s body ensures that the product is specifically designed to meet those needs.
  • The nutrition plan does not reduce your intake of your favorite foods; in fact, there are cheat days worked into the program to ensure your success. Making drastic changes and cutting yourself off from your favorite treats sets you up for failure, so this program creates opportunities for you to succeed while eating your favorite treats in moderation.
  • This product is focused on the whole woman and not just fast weight loss that is not sustainable. It creates a model for women to change their habits and construct a new reality that is sustainable and healthy.


  • If you are hoping to only lose a few pounds so you can fit in your bathing suit, this product may not suit you. This program is designed to overhaul old habits and behaviors to create a more fit and healthy you. In short, this is a life-changing program and not intended for those who are looking to drop a few pounds quick and then move on.
  • As with any weight loss program, the Venus Factor weight loss requires work and discipline. You have to invest yourself fully in this process to increase your Leptin levels and ensure long-term success.

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The Venus Factor plan is one of the few programs designed only for women that is backed by extensive research by one of the top fitness coaches in the industry. John Barban emphasizes that the point of the program is to ensure longevity in fitness, not just to lose weight. It is important to ensure that you are being healthy while you are achieving your weight loss goals, and that you are making sustainable changes so that your life will change forever.

While this product is not a magic pill, and requires dedication and motivation to see results, the Venus community will support you 110% of the way. If you are seeking a change in your life and a chance to be fit and toned, then this is the right option for you. The Venus Factor diet is designed to create sustainable change in your life and only requires you to follow the step by step program to achieve it. >>Click Here To Get Started Today<<

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