The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor is the invention of John Barban, an experienced fitness coach with a bachelor’s degree in human anatomy and nutrition from the University of Florida. John is highly experienced in the weight loss industry and his products are backed by scientific evidence, real life experiences and rational thinking. He took time to fully understand the relationship that exists between food, hormones, exercise and weight loss. Finally he came up with a diet program to help every woman who has a problem with weight and body.

There are very many differences between the female and male bodies. For instance, women have different psychological and physical disposition, muscle fiber distribution, hormone levels and fat storage patterns. Hence the need to have a weight loss program for women that is different from that of men. The program consists of guidelines for the type of foods you are supposed to eat each day, calorie guides, information about nutrition and clearly outlined meal plans that are easy to follow. It works even for those who have thyroid issues and slow metabolism.

What Is It?

It is a comprehensive weight loss system that includes a range of exercises with several difficulty levels as well as an amazing selection of tasty recipes that any weight-conscious woman can easily prepare at home. The program takes 12 weeks and one of the best things about this system is that users can start noticing results within a few days. The system is based on scientific facts on how the female body assimilates the different food nutrients and responds to various exercises.

John Barban’s program also lists the foods that you should avoid like the plague in order to prevent accumulation of fat in the body. Unsurprisingly, these include the usual culprits such as refined sugars, excess carbohydrates, alcohol, and sodas. The diet program will not produce cravings that are hard to control, or cause lower metabolism, reduced energy or frustrating plateaus.

Diet, Nutrition and Exercise

What You Get

The Venus Factor review overview of the components:

  • The main PDF: It contains all the necessary information you will need to put into practice the program. It covers the workout system, nutritional recommendations and supplementary materials that will aid in getting positive results out of your efforts.
  • The exercise module: This part of the system contains materials which include instructional videos and walks members through each and every exercise that is to be performed throughout the program. It also has the complete explanation of the golden ratio and its application to sculpting the ideal female physique.
  • A virtual nutritionist: This is an app that is quite simple to use. It works in a way that it calculates your nutritional requirements based on the personal data that you provide. This data includes an individual’s age, weight and height. You can also monitor your food intake and recalculate your requirements as you lose weight into better shape.
  • A forum for members: The forum provides members with an opportunity to connect with each other, share their current progress and ask questions about the program. You can also come up with your personal project of your experience while using the program. Another alternative is that you can just read what other members have discussed. Participation is highly encouraged.
  • Index podcast: The podcast has interviews with members who have tried the product and achieved great results. There are member contests that are announced regularly and the winners get special gifts and prizes. When people listen to these successful stories of other women, it motivates them to try it and therefore new members.

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How It Works

Weight gain or obesity is not your fault! The ability of the woman’s body to burn fat is determined by one’s sensitivity to Leptin hormone. With age, and particularly after bearing children, the female body naturally becomes more Leptin-resistant. When this happens, the body’s potential to burn fat reduces and starts accumulating it instead. The Venus Factor system is designed to reverse this phenomenon in our bodies. It achieves this by maximizing the benefits of effective dietary changes and a 12-week exercise regimen.

The Exercise Plan:

This is intended to work on your problem areas’ so you can get back in shape. Once you purchase the system, you will also gain access to additional module that will help you tone up your butt, tummy and raise your bust. You will also enjoy support from an online community, which is designed to encourage you and answer any questions that you might have.

The Nutrition Plan:

This is designed to retrain your body’s metabolism in order to allow you to lose weight and get back in shape. It involves consuming different amounts of calories on various days. To do this, the system includes special software that determines the foods that you should eat every day over the 12-week period.

One of the major advantages of this system is that the diet revolves around your preferred lifestyle. You are allowed to have corporate lunches, social parties or simply fit in with the people that matter most in your life. A daily plan may be extremely difficult to follow, but it becomes easier when the whole week is organized.

The other important thing about the Leptin diet is that your slimmer body will be able to assimilate the food you eat in a better way over the duration of the program, so your Virtual Nutritionist will advise you on the number of calories you need to eat each day.

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Usually, weight loss products are based on details collected from assessments of both the male and female body. That is not the case with this new system. All the information used to create this program is based on what really works for the female body. That is what makes the Venus Factor diet truly unique.

The system is a revolutionary approach to weight loss for women because it provides an efficient program for shaping and toning your body in a way that is specific to the female body. With the Venus factor diet, you can achieve the body you desire without compromising your lifestyle to achieve it. It is easy to follow this program and you can lose weight quickly no matter the figure on the scale at the moment!

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