The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor review will examine a weight loss system specifically designed for sculpting the perfect female body. The creator of the system is John Barban, an experienced personal trainer and nutritionist who has used this method to help hundreds of women to get into great shape. The exercise and nutrition recommendations included in the program are specially tailored to the metabolism of the female body shape and hormone profile and thus providing the possible results.

The idea behind this is that looking your best requires far more than weight loss. Women have to focus on gaining optimal proportions and balance in order to achieve incredible results. While it isn’t possible to lose pounds only from select areas of the body, with the right nutritional and training strategies, women can still work towards the golden ratio and achieve beautiful, healthy and well-balanced bodies.

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Who Should Use the Venus Factor

Women who would like to use 10 pounds or more can benefit from this system. It is designed to work well for females of all ages and can both promote weight loss and help ladies achieve long-term weight maintenance. Rather than taking drastic measures to achieve radical and very short-term results, this is a series of lifestyle changes that can promote healthy living and a better understanding of how the female body works and how it must be maintained.

The system features a number of simple workouts that last between 30 and 40 minutes. It also has very flexible nutritional guidelines, making it easy to adhere to. There is no need to have lots of free time or exorbitant amounts of cash in order to take advantage of this system. It is designed to work well for active women who have both professional and familial responsibilities to maintain. Moreover, not only is it structured to account for the physiological differences between men and women, but it also accounts for the psychological differences that exist as well.

Thus, the Venus Factor is especially ideal for ladies who have struggled with emotional eating and fluctuating moods that affect their overall weight balance. As an experienced personal trainer, John Barban has found the perfect combination of dietary and exercise habits for promoting optimal and lasting results within a very nominal amount of time.

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Components of the Program

What You Will Get

This all-inclusive system for reshaping the body comes with two primary components. Program participants get an exercise module that comes with information detailing the golden ratio and how this can be used to create the ideal female physique. The exercise module additionally includes instructional videos that break each exercise down and show women how to do these activities correctly and with optimal results. The second component is the main PDF that has all of the resources that are necessary for getting started. This talks about the workout routine, the nutritional suggestions for weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. This component also comes with a wealth of supplementary tools for optimizing and expediting results.

Among some of the supplementary tools that participants get are a virtual nutritionist. This is an intuitive app that determines nutritional needs based on personal details such as weight, height and age. Meals and snacks can be logged in so that calculations can be regularly revised as fitness improves. You’ll also have access to a member forum for connecting with other people who using the Venus Factor and can take advantage of the Index podcast as well. This podcast announces winners of member contests, provides info on past user results and gives people the chance to benefit from success stories and other motivational materials.

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Getting Started

When you start using the program, you will learn a number of tips and tricks for creating an amazing body. For instance, you can find out how to tone your calves correctly so that you have all of the definition that is necessary for incredible legs. You will learn how to build your shoulder muscles up to create the appearance of a slender waist. Each effort will bring you closer to the golden ratio that defines physical perfection.

After you have bought the Venus Factor, you will be able to digitally download the entire course. You can print the PDF or read it on your phone, table or PC. All supplementary video files can be viewed on any popular media player. Ultimately, this system contains everything you need for shedding pounds and for creating a toned and well-balanced physique. With this system, you can at last obtain your ideal body proportions.

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